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Statistical consulting service at Dissertation India includes the entire gamut of statistics that is required to perform research in a vast number of subjects. Our team of academicians includes a separate group of statisticians who have immense insight into applied statistics.

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The various tests to be performed, the exact test that has to be performed on a particular set of data or the interpretation of the results of the tests that have been performed on the data set are done by us. The consultation also involves guiding students to do these portions of the study.

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The numerous plans of our statistical consulting service have been chalked out keeping in mind the requirements of students and researchers. These include total statistical solutions or partial help in this domain. Partial help can be categorized into only consultancy or doing a part of the statistical portions so that the total charges are based on the specific requirements of our clients and that they ultimately have the flexibility to select only those services that they are not good at. Sample Size: One of the key problems in sampling is determining the size of the sample.

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Sometimes millions of people are sampled to get the data which is apt for the purpose and on other occasions, a sample might be as small as one. A case study can be an example of one sample.

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Yet the causation may also be the other way around. The editing services offered through Elite Research were outstanding! Thank you so very much. How did you hear about us? We replace burglary with embezzlement.

Sample size depends on many factors, including the purpose of study, the size of the universe and the research techniques used. A sample of 30 respondents will usually give results similar to a normal distribution.

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This is the minimum and sufficient sample size for a small study. For larger projects, a social survey sample is between 30 and for populations ranging between 30 to 1 million. The bigger the sample, the better it will represent the population.

However, the problem is drawing a line where the sample size ends. Testing Hypothesis: In research, measurement scales order data: a informally to explore patterns arising from the data as we analyse it; and b formally to test hypothesised relationships between variables. An important point to note here is that research cannot prove correct theories or hypothesis derived from them, it can only prove them wrong. A theory leads to a research hypothesis predicting a positive relationship between variables.

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Contact Us now or Email Us with details of your requirement. Statistical expertise is needed when selecting the variable. Sample Size Calculation and Sample Size Justification: Statistical expertise and help is needed when selecting the sample size. If the sample size is small, the statistical test will not give accurate results.

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If the sample size is too large, then it will be more time consuming as well as costly. Dissertation statistics help can be used to determine your sample size and to present justification for it.

Test Statistics: Quantitative dissertation consulting will assist in determining the test statistics for particular data and research questions. There are a number of statistical tests used for specific reasons. The professionals at Statistics Solutions are experts in a large variety of these statistical tests. Validity and Reliability of the Statistics Results: In any research, simply conducting the analysis is not enough.

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