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I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I was there when Hurricane Katrina struck. Usually, my family and I evacuate when there is a sign of a hurricane appearing. Most of the citizens in New Orleans including myself refer to hurricanes at times as a mini vacation just as many of the citizen in Belleville, Illinois for snow days because of possible days off from work and school. However, Hurricane Katrina was like no other hurricane we had ever experienced. Many of my family members as well as many others in the surrounding metro area evacuated with their jobs.

They had expectations of making extra money with their jobs. Due to that factor, many of my elderly family members were left behind. Because of those circumstances, it resulted in my husband and me staying to secure their safety. We had a total of eight people in my three story apartment building four of them being senior citizens. Since we had decided to ride out the storm, we made sure we were prepared.

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On August 29, , Hurricane Katrina dismantled several sections of the levee which caused it to collapse. The storm then breeched the New Orleans' levee. Free Essay: Hurricane Katrina hit the southern coast of the United States on August 28, The center of Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on the.

Therefore, we had stocked up on plenty supplies because my husband is such a survivor fanatic. With that being said, there was enough food, water, and batteries to last us about a month or more. On August 29, at a. I heard loud rumbling noises on the roof top.

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I immediately got out of bed and gathered with the rest of my family on the second level of my apartment. My family and I remained on the econd level throughout the course of the storm. At approximately a. Therefore, we were afraid because of possible flooding on my third level from the rain. Throughout the storm, my husband and I continued to look outside through our patio window to see how the storm was coming along.

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He stated how the water was rising fast. When I saw the expression on his face I immediately became afraid. When I looked outside for myself, the water was up to the second level of my house. I could have literally opened my patio door and touch the water.

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We did not know if the water would continue to rise. All of us feared for our lives. However, we were still trapped. We were surrounded by water with no escape. Unfortunately, we were concerned that the ceiling would collapse on the second level due to the moisture from the rain. Therefore, George began knocking on neighbors doors to use their home as a shelter for my family and I. No one answered their door. Then George decided that we should go to the vacant apartment across mine.

When we walked in the apartment it was fully furnished and with no damages. We thought it was almost impossible what were the odds. Nevertheless, we decided to settle down. However, I became a little delusional. I was more shock than anything. And how was I going to bring my son to school? George then replied, Come take a walk with me. We walked to a balcony view that leads to the parking lot. George asked, what do see?


Can you see your truck? As I began to search for my truck, I saw a little bit of everything floating in the water such as: clothes, shoes, toys, doors, cars, and even house. No joke! I finally notice the rack on the top of my truck; I believe it was propped up on the sidewalk because the rack was so visible.

As time prevailed, we decided to cook. We decided to have beans because of the amount of people in the house. George continued to servile the premises for security purposes. He would come back and forth giving us updates of what was going outside. Once he came inside telling us that a few of the guys that were outside said that they were going to local grocery store for food.

They floated through that nasty water not sure what was in on door and using life preservers. After their return from the store they began to barbequing chicken. About an hour later, George comes in with two plates full of chicken. We were very grateful. Later that same day, we began to see helicopters flying across our windows.

I felt like I was in a movie, it was surreal. We begun see people on roof tops waiting to be rescued by the helicopters. I went to my family and told them that I wanted to be rescued.

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We decided to sleep on it and make a decision the next day. Fortunately, we made it though to the next day. There were big decisions to be made. On August 30, , we all agreed upon being rescued.

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George started talking to the neighbor. They told him that there were limitations for being rescued such as: one small bag per person and no heavy items. The effects still are felt years later History. Hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama no longer were not able to immediately return to their homes.

The task of rebuilding and restoring some semblance of the lives that had enjoyed until just days before the storm proved itself to be monumental. Their journey toward recovery was at once heart wrenching and inspirational because, in the end, people came together and managed to rebuild their communities. But as often happens, others took the riskier course and resolved to ignore the warnings and attempt to ride out the storm. Those are choices. But many other residents who lacked a personal means of transportation were unable to get out.

After New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered a mandatory evacuation, local officials opened ten designated shelters for those unable to flee on their own. There thousands of people who sought shelter had no choice but to stand in line and wait to enter. Once inside they quickly discovered inadequate provisions had been made for food and water. With resources sufficient to last only a little more than a day, the crisis extended over many days. It was entirely unexpected and unforeseen that no one would be able to provide anything akin to an adequate response once the reality of the situation was known.

Once the storm abated sufficiently, rescue missions by U. Their best efforts would save more than 1, individuals from debris and flooding Katrina: State of Emergency. Even though it is undeniable that more could have been accomplished, President George W. Bush detailed for the rest of the Nation the resources his Administration immediately provided.

The statistics are impressive, even if the results were less so. Katrina: State of Emergency, We have distribution sites where the Guardsmen are actually forming lines and people are coming through that. We have formed distributions — what I would call kind of retail distribution sites where we bring in large supplies of the food and water and then the Guard and volunteers, Boy Scouts and other will come together.

People from all over the nation, not simply government employees and contractors, were doing all that they believed could be done. Even other nations recognized the magnitude of the crisis. More than 70 nations pledged monetary donations and other assistance after the hurricane! Qatar, India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh made additional substantial donations. The capability and capacity of the first response teams in the devastated regions were greatly inhibited. The first responders are the most important personnel in a disaster.

These are the first people at the site of a disaster and they attempt to mitigate the impacts of the disaster and save lives.