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There are those who believe in the primacy of the economy over nature. To these people who consider themselves to be economic realists, nature is almost a supine thing that can be molded to their desire and exploited ad infinitum.

For these economic realists, who do accept that anthropogenic human induced global warming is happening, their answer is that technology will allow us to easily adapt. On the other hand, there is the camp that believes that the environment must always come first, as the economy simply cannot exist without it. To the honest environmentalist, this really means a reduction in living standards as we use less energy. Personally, as the reader may have guessed, I belong to this second camp. The End of Nature argues that the environment, no matter what political agreements are reached for a reduction in emissions, has changed irrevocably.

Moreover, human activity has so changed the environment that we have now seen an end of nature as we know it. McKibben highlights our determination to completely re-wire nature by discussing the freakish inventions of bio-technology.

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Whether larger initiatives could have been cobbled together is questionable. Even if they would have been possible, they would have required compromise from climate activists on core values, which is akin to demanding that climate deniers simply change their stance. The capacity to transgress textual representations points to the event quality of images. Asen, R. Neoliberalism, the public sphere, and a public good. Speech , — Benjamin, W. Google Scholar.

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A Literary Analysis of the End of Nature by Bill Mckibben

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The End of Nature a Quarter Century After

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He spent a year watching the 2, hours of programming, and then compared it to a day spent on the mountaintop near his home. Retrieved October 19, Nature may be finished, but there is still our own goose to cook. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Exposure Robert Bilott.

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Coming of Age at the End of Nature : Julie Dunlap :

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