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Wylie demonstrates that almost anything can, in principle, be adapted to mass taste. At least it was negative. Unfortunately, his new book is positive, and it is a farrago of such arrantly assertive and militant nonsense as the editor of even an American publishing house rarely lets go to the printer.

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This, perhaps, is what the contemporary village atheist really looks like in print—sad decline of the provincial iconoclast, of the little shoemaker who used to read Schopenhauer and Nietzsche! Only in this awful age could half-bakedness sink so low, only in this age could such half-bakedness reach print in anything but subsidized editions. Wylie claims that man can solve his present difficulties only by freeing his instincts from the domination of the ego. The ego means churches, institutions, Communism, most public issues, etc. Down with almost everything. But for all Mr. Everything can be taken back. And in any case Mr. This is, among other things, revolution for the timid layman. Without having to go to the bother of making one, he will get the sensation of a revolution from an attitude of violent, insubordinate, and irrelevant assertiveness.

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The emptier the assertiveness the purer the sensation. But what he will get more than anything else in the end is the sensation, without the difficulty of the actual experience, of having read something profound. Profundity for the masses, too.

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Self-study indicates that we value who we are. ThriftBooks Store thrift. Back to home page. Watch this item. Your email address will not be published. He had an older sister, Ver ona, and a younger brother, Max, also an author. May have some damage to the cover but integrity still intact.

But I have already taken this book too seriously. The important thing about it is not its absurdity or anything else that pertains to its explicit content. Essay on Morals is a banal symptom; nevertheless the state of mind it bears witness to is in a historical and sociological context a serious one. When people like Mr.

Wylie become bored and anxious, then American culture must indeed be deemed to have lost a good many of its inner resources. The social mechanisms for maintaining interest in life and the expectation of satisfactory rewards had begun to break down in this country before He sold the rights for two others that were never produced.

His wide range of interests defies easy classification, but his earliest work exercised great influence in twentieth-century science fiction pulp magazines and comic books:. He applied engineering principles and the scientific method quite broadly in his work. His novel The Disappearance is about what happens when everyone suddenly finds that all members of the opposite sex are missing all the men have to get along without women, and vice versa. The book delves into the double standards between men and women that existed prior the woman's movement of the s, exploring the nature of the relationship between men and women and the issues of women's rights and homosexuality.

During World War II, writing The Paradise Crater resulted in his house arrest by the federal government; in it, he described a post-WWII Nazi conspiracy to develop and use uranium bombs, [3] months before the first successful atomic test at Alamagordo — the most highly classified secret of the war.

Some people have accused Generation of Vipers of being misogynistic. The Disappearance shows his thinking on the subject is very complex.

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His only child, Karen Wylie Pryor, is the author of a classic book for breastfeeding mothers, Nursing Your Baby , and has commented that her father was far from being a misogynist. His novel of manners , Finnley Wren , was also highly regarded in its time. He wrote 69 "Crunch and Des" stories, most of which appeared in the Saturday Evening Post , [5] about the adventures of Captain Crunch Adams, master of the charter boat Poseidon , which was the basis of a brief television series.

His novel Tomorrow! Wylie was also active in writing detective and mystery novelettes for a variety of magazines. An article Wylie wrote in in The Saturday Evening Post entitled "Anyone Can Raise Orchids" led to the popularization of this hobby—not just the rich, but gardeners of every economic level began experimenting with orchids.

Wylie's final works dealt with the potentially catastrophic effects of pollution and climate change. Notably, Wylie wrote " L. Wylie wrote a near-simultaneous novelization of the story as Los Angeles: A. Wylie's final novel, The End of the Dream , was published posthumously in and foresees a dark future where America slides into ecological catastrophe.

Wylie married Sally Ondek, and had one child, Karen. After divorcing his first wife, he married Frederica Ballard, who was born and raised in Rushford, New York ; they are both buried in Rushford. Wylie's daughter, Karen Pryor , is an author who became the inventor of animal "clicker" training; she was the wife of Taylor Alderdyce Pryor, a Marine helicopter pilot who became a Hawaii state senator and a co-founder of Sea Life Park and Oceanic Institute in Hawaii, of which his wife served as director.

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She later married Jon Lindbergh , Charles Lindbergh 's son. Wylie's niece Janice Wylie, the daughter of his brother Max Wylie, was murdered, along with her roommate Emily Hoffert, in New York in August in what became known as the " Career Girls murders " case.

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