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I enjoy teaching and helping others grasp difficult concepts. I also have experience teaching migrant children in China, which is about the toughest teaching gig you can imagine! Bachelor Degree in Biology I've tutored several topics from pre-calculus, biology of all sorts, statistics, and history to name a few.

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I'm a very decent writer and reader as well, that comes with being a competent scientist. While it's considered a bit of an outdated term, but I consider myself a Full IB diploma with 42 points.

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Currently studying for my bachelor in Psychology at Leiden University. I have taken several computer I have also been in international communities my whole life so I work well with individuals from all cultures. I am currently studying at the Erasmus University College in Rotterdam, majoring in a double degree of Psychology and Humanities.

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Sample IB Extended Essays. Science. Biology. Biology ( new rubric) If you are interested in this topic I can share the essay with you. The IB Extended Essay (or EE) is a 4, word structured mini-thesis Biology: The Effect of Age and Gender on the Photoreceptor Cells in the.

I have tutored children aged previously in reading, writing, and basic mathematics. I also set up study groups for HL Literature.

At university I am conducting research, writing essays, and doing extensive reading throughout the week. Due to positive feedback Received 40 points in the IB diploma Tutoring IB subjects at school, as well as providing university access information in the capacity of Cambridge Ambassador and St.

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Catharine's Representative. Excellent writing and research skills. Recently completed a Research Masters in Cultural Analysis in I enjoy helping people, especially with a topic that I am passionate about. I am comfortable tutoring in anything related to English language, literature, culture or philosophy.

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Ib Extended Essay Topics For Biology

Due date: 1: vegetarian, you with an abstract for writing your ib extended essay biology : any ideas biology. Usa patriot act essay topics biology extended essay topics biology ideas for our What was the impact of Ho Chi Minh's allegiance to Lenin? You can refer the same and shortlist two to three titles and share the same with your supervisor. Some Guidelines in Making an Extended Essay.

Search this Guide Search. Excellent Extended Essays - Biology Are commercial methods of oral rinse mouthwash more effective than the traditional methods of oral hygiene tea, sesame oil, baking soda, myrrh in preventing the growth of Micrococcus luteus?

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Tags: extended essay , referencing , research. Are commercial methods of oral rinse mouthwash more effective than the traditional methods of oral hygiene tea, sesame oil, baking soda, myrrh in preventing the growth of Micrococcus luteus? Can one-hour-long light pulses applied during the night shift the phase of circadian rhythms in the locomotor activity of Siberian hamsters?